A Solo Exhibition By Sunaryo

Lawangkala is a hybrid term. While Newtonian science distinguishes time from space and object (mass), time (kala) here is imagined instead as an “object” that unites with lawang, a door or gate. If we understand lawang (door) as an architectural element with physical connotation, being a part of a “space”, then Lawangkala also means a hybrid dimension, in which space and time unite.”

“[Sunaryo]… has an overwhelming desire to work with a space, both open and closed, narrow and wide, public and private, natural or industrial, and so forth. To him, a space is a medium and a material on its own.

And just as reflected on his attitude toward various other materials, a space here is not something to “conquer” but to relive through a human involvement (in this case, an artist). He says, an artist “…is not supposed to work to change a natural character of a material but in fact to make it speak ‘more loudly’.”

“We are rarely aware that space and time are always with us. Exactly in such obliviousness we become objects to space and time. Sunaryo designed this installation so much so that we, the audience, experience a sentience of both space and time simultaneously. We would become the subject, expected to realize that, as we would walk along every turn of the crackling bamboo tunnel, we would be experiencing an art installation: an-“other” space and time.

There is a strong linearity in Lawangkala that subtly implies Sunaryo’s point of view about his concept of space and time: for instance, in this space and time that we would experience, there was never truly a straight “route and motion”, and inside we would be faced with “traps” where we must choose and decide on a stand (dwelling, fixated on the water flow illusion, or moving to continue the “journey”). This installation is comparable to a microscopic lens that scrutinizes a smallest fragment or moment in human’s life.”


20th Anniversary Selasar Sunaryo Art Space

Lawangkala Opens for Public
Sunday, September 16th 2018
10 a.m – 5 p.m WIB
* Admission fee applied

Curators Tour
With Agung Hujatnika Jennong &
Hendro Wiyanto
Sunday, September 16th 2018

Artist Talk & Discussion
Frinday, September 28th 2018
3 p.m @ Amphitheater
Speaker: Sunaryo, Agung Hujatnika Jennong
Discussant: Prof. Ign. Bambang Sugiharto

Book Binding Class
with Vitarlenology
Saturday, October 27th 2018

Selasar Kids Program
November 2018

Discussion on SSAS/AS/IDEAS
Friday November 2th 2018

Focused Group Discussion
On Art Space Management
Friday, November 23th 2018

Monthly Exhibition Tour
September 29th 2018
October 20th 2018
November 17th 2018
December 8th 2018
Every 2 p.m

Admission Fee
Regular: IDR 25.000
Kids (6 – 12) / Students: IDR 15.000
Senior Citizen (>70) free of charges

For ticketing information and group visit, please contact us directly by phone +62 22 2507939.

“Mata waktu” terus memandang kearahku. Terus bergerak sambil mendesakkan pertanyaan, tentang kekinian dan masa datang, lalu diantara keduanya makna kemanusiaan seperti apa yang bisa kutorehkan?

Mata waktu adalah saksi mata, tentang keinginanku menemukan nilai dan kesadaran manusia tentang hakekat hubungan yang fana dan menjadi kebal.

Hubunganku yang akhir-akhir ini menjadi begitu pelik, sebagaimana kulihat dalam banyak peristiwa kemanusiaan ditengah realitas politik. Dibawah tatapan sang waktu, orang2 tak bisa lagi membedakan mana yang fana dan mana yang kelak menjadi kekal. Atas nama marwah identitas, golongan, kefanaan diperjuangkan seakan adalah sesuatu yang kekal. Padahal sejarah atau realitas sosial – politik senantiasa berlangsung dibawah kuasa mata waktu yang berubah, berproses. Perubahan adalah hukum besi sejarah. Ironisnya demi memperjuangkan itu tak sedikit orang rela memusuhi kawan, sahabat, bahkan persaudaraan dalam kemanusiaan.

SUNARYO, 17/8/18